The population was 146 at the 2010 census.



    D.C. Cruisers Car Club

Meetings held 2nd Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Dunn Center City Hall.

Rod Runs-Show and Shine Car Shows

For More Information contact:

   Cheryl Boyce  --  701-764-5532

   Candi Pavlicek  --  701-548-8409

   Denise Sandvick  --  701-764-5715


City Business Services

 The City offices are located at the City Hall, which is located at the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue in the heart of Dunn Center.  The City Offices are staffed by a part-time auditor and one part-time streets and infrastructure manager.  The City provides water, sewer, and garbage services to city residents and bills its customers on a monthly basis.  All pets (dogs and cats) of residents in the city are required to have city-issued licenses.  The connections of water and sewer services and managed by city staff.  Electrical services in the city are provided by Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU).  Telephone and data (internet) services in the city are provided by Consolidated Badlands Regional Telephone Directory.

City Office Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9:00AM -4:00 PM

CLOSED Tuesday & Fridays

        CLOSED Dailey from 12 (noon) - 1:00 PM - LUNCH

Address: 3 Main St. West, Dunn Center, ND 58626

Phone: (701) 548-8130     Fax: (701) 548-8499



Business Services

Other Business Listings

MUSEUM: Phone: (701) 548-8111



Circle H Engineering - Cory Ravnaas - 548-8485

Dunn Center Pub & Grub - Greg Armitage  548-8190 (menu below)

Gieser Plumbing & Heating - Greg Gieser 701-300-3413

Leo's Repair - Leo Piatz 548-8484

Marathon Oil

Secondhand Corner -Loman Goetz  548-8312

Sew What - Maggie Piatz 548-4579

Sunny Scents - Deanna Kittilson - 548-8355